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The possibilities are endless when you invest in yourself and your growth with the right resources and the support of Transformational Coaches and Mentors.

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Corporate Wellbeing & Performance

We provide solutions for your business to improve your corporate performance, well-being, team cohesion, sales, marketing & customer service. Contact us today about training, systems audits and coaching solutions to boost your organisation's efficiency and profit.

Neuroscience Coaching

We offer transformational coaching specialising in neuroscience, human behaviour science, and cognitive training principles to gui we have the knowledge and skills to help you identify what's holding you back from your desired results, clear stress and trauma and help you find clarity on the right goals for you to optimize your personal and professional life

Capability Development

We offer Capability Development services to develop confidence & competence in individuals. Contact us today to meet our team and discuss options for a program for you

Personal Development & Coaching

Optimise your talents and well-being with our Personal Development Programs that are designed to bring out your best. We offer programs for mind, body & spirituality growth through to entrepreneurship, life balance, communication, career and relationships.

Introductory Personal Development Programs

Free Wellbeing

& Life Assessment

Identify Areas of Improvement

7-Week Spring Clean Your Life Challenge

Detox, Declutter & Get Organised

7-Week Self-Discovery Challenge

Unlock Your True Potential & Purpose

Overcome your Challenges & Prosper with Coaching

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You Are Only One Step Away from a Totally Different Life

At Meridian Essence, our team of specialised coaches and trainers work closely with our clients to help them understand themselves and learn how to maximise their potential, break undermining behaviour patterns, identify beneficial goals and help them map out a plan to achieve.

Benefits of Coaching

Neuroscience based coaching that Unlocks Your Full Potential

By providing specialised guidance and encouragement, we help you tap into your potential. We utilise proven neuroscience coaching methods that help you find your pathway to your transformation. As specialists in behaviourism and understanding human physiology, we also teach you how to understand yourself and how changes in your environment affect you. and empower you to take control of your life and pursue your dreams.

Achieve More with Less Effort with Clarity That You Can't See Alone

As experienced transformational coaches specialising in neuroscience, human behaviour science, and cognitive training principles, we have the knowledge and skills to help you see what you can't see because you are immersed in your own life story. You can't see other perspectives because you are immersed in the experience. Let us help you reach new heights and live a more fulfilling life!

Maintain Momentum with

Coaching One Week at a Time

Coaching is most effective with consistency, and you will maintain momentum and achieve faster results in your transformation with a weekly call. This allows you the time to fully embrace new ways of thinking and actively work towards your goals consistently.

Together, we'll support you as you make steady progress towards the life you've always wanted.

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Meridian Essence provides well-being resources, personal and professional development programs and specialised coaching services to optimise the performance of individuals and corporate teams.