Corporate Performance & Employee Wellbeing

Meridian Essence provides a range of services for corporations that are looking for innovative solutions

in a rapidly changing workforce and economy.

We take an inside-out approach to get to core issues affecting attitude and performance and introduce systems that are more adaptive.

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Remember, although profit is a rewarding indicator of your business performance,

there are many untracked costly factors that undermine your true potential profit and business longevity.

  • Harmonising systems within the business to improve efficiency, reduce duplication and reduce the 'us and them' and 'it's their problem' mentality
  • Refinement of systems to minimise unnecessary processes that have developed over time and have never been refreshed
  • Profiling of individual team member thinking styles that enables teams to identify how individuals respond to stress, what their motivations are, their adaptive style and how each member best fits into the organisation's objectives as a whole
  • Implementation of well-being programs to support employees with stress and anxiety
  • Instilling a culture of ownership, responsibility, accountability, well-being, progress, adaptability, attention to detail, clear and assertive communication, variety, innovation and trust
  • Personal development programs & coaching of individuals and teams for improved individual development, team cohesion & project management
  • Development of marketing, corporate brand and customer service solutions that employees are proud to be a part of
  • Improvement of corporate resilience and employee retention with adaptive roles
  • Implementation of effective performance rewards that are more effective and meaningful to employee's core motivations
  • Development of proactive solutions as opposed to reactive
  • Sales and customer service training to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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Meridian Essence provides well-being resources, personal and professional development programs and specialised coaching services to optimise the performance of individuals and corporate teams.